About Mike


Junto Tribe Ministries was birthed out of my own crisis of identity—a crisis that came just when I thought I had “arrived” in my career as a strength and conditioning coach.

After a decade-long stint at a Division I collegiate athletic program, I was recruited to train tactical athletes in U.S. military special operations. I couldn’t believe I had been given the privilege to work with some of our nation’s most skilled, dangerous, and courageous warriors.

Then one night, about a year into the job, tragedy struck. I received word that a group of guys I had been training had been shot out of the sky and there were no survivors.

Never had I felt so powerless. I had given my best tools and knowledge to prepare these men to succeed on their mission, but in the end, not one of those tools had helped them to survive.

This loss exposed the truth: I had built my entire career—and my identity—on what I did for a living, and it wasn’t enough. I knew I needed to grow beyond the box I had placed my life, talents, and gifts in and start learning how to train the whole man, both for this life and the next.

From that moment, I embarked on a quest that has overtaken and reshaped my life—a quest to stop striving to prove myself and receive my true identity from my Creator, to learn the true nature and purpose of manhood, to discover the priorities and principles of training for life, and to invite men around me to join me on the same journey.