Why Consuming God's Word Isn't Enough

Uncertainty.  Dissension.  Confusion.  Chaos.

Sometimes it feels like this world is simply governed by mayhem. And that is stressful. 

We look around us and see families falling apart. Our communities seem disjointed and disconnected.  Hatred and anger is so easily roused up from its sleep. There’s a loss of real truth. What’s good for me is good for all.  It’s no longer about the greater good. It seems that oppression is hidden in what many call tolerance.

It’s easy to push blame on to others. We blame the younger generations. We blame society. And what is wrong with Washington? Where do we find good leaders these days? It’s frightening. We point fingers and sit quietly in our cocoon of comfort and hide from the darkness.

But this is not what men of God were called to do. We were not called to notice the problem, admire it, and let it fester.  We were not given a spirit of timidity. We were given a spirit of great power that has the ability to overcome and destroy the works of the devil. 

If you’ve said yes to Jesus, you must understand that the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. 

This is a call for men of Christ to stop being consumers of God’s Word – to stop being men with timid spirits – and accept the truth of Christ in your very being. 

If you find yourself standing back and complaining about the issues of the world without taking one step to make a change, it’s time you ask yourself a question. What am I doing today to accomplish what God asked me to do? What can I do to take back the land that was stolen by the works of the enemy?

The men of Junto Tribe understand that God has a plan for each of our lives and that He has called us to impact our families and our communities. We’re working together to build tribes that can accomplish that together.

Complaining and fear are not how we take back the land. They originate from a spirit of timidity. You have the power of Jesus in you. What are you going to do with it?