Creation Achieves Its Full Potential When Men Serve Each Other

God’s creation achieves its full potential because of a series of two-way relationships that allow each entity to grow, thrive, and fully express what it was designed to be.  

Beginning with the First Adam, God established man to organize, tend, and cultivate the plants in the garden. In return, those fruit-bearing plants would give their fruit to him for food. 


“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden

to work it and take care of it.” 

Genesis 2:15


Through mutual self-giving, Adam and the garden would grow, thrive, and fully express what they were designed to be. 

Adam’s role in the garden wasn’t mindless maintenance. It was designed to unlock the full potential of Adam, and the full potential of creation. 

Man would share authority over creation and care for it, and creation would generously give itself to uphold, sustain, protect, and nourish others. 

The First Adam’s relationship with Eve would look the same: he would establish a complementary relationship with her, and the two would share the mission to “fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28).

Imagine, on the other hand, the sun decides to rise in a different place tomorrow. 

Instead of doing what it always does and consistently providing heat, light, and energy, imagine it decides tomorrow to pursue its own interests. Imagine it decides to go where it wants to go instead of where God directs it to go.

Perhaps it chooses a path a little closer to the earth, near enough to incinerate us with heat and radiation.

Or maybe it chooses a path a little farther away, allowing the planet to be enveloped in ice.

Left to its own devices, the sun might fail to provide the necessary energy for photosynthesis. Plants would stop growing, and we’d eventually run out of food and oxygen. 

Left unchecked, life as we know it would perish.

The sun is a great servant in the sky, perfectly positioned by the Creator to sustain life. It provides the heat and light necessary to sustain life, but we rarely give it a second thought. We’re probably all guilty of overlooking the sun’s consistency.

If the sun suddenly chose to pursue its own interests, creation would suffer. When the sun follows God’s design, creation benefits.

The same is true of man.

When we serve others through self-giving, we create mutually beneficial relationships. When we go where God directs us to go, creation benefits from our service to it. 

God designed the world to be a beautiful network of relationships in which people would flourish because of a decision, and a commitment, to serve others. 

Think of it as living usefully.

When you give yourself to the people around you and follow where God calls you, the people around you find room to become all that they were created to be. 

As the cycle continues, creation grows and thrives in the presence of those living as servants. 

The men of Junto Tribe seek to live usefully so that creation flourishes. God created you with the same mission.

Which path will you choose?



Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash