God Created You To Conquer the Wilderness and Protect His People

It’s entirely possible that you’ve lost sight of who God designed you to be.

If you aren’t sure, consider this:

·      How long has it been since you did something totally spontaneous?

·      How long has it been since you literally got dirt on your hands?

·      When did you last do something that challenged you physically, to the point of exertion?

Regardless of the work you do for a living, God created you to be an explorer. He invites you to engage with the world He created and to marvel at its wonders, but many of us haven’t known wonder since we were boys.

Our sense of obligation has eclipsed our sense of adventure

We’ve lost sight of the boys who played soldier and ninja and cowboy and superhero. We’ve downplayed our strength and our power because the world misunderstands manhood.

We’ve forgotten that despite Eden’s beauty, it still demanded work and cultivation. It needed order and tending. Most importantly, an enemy existed there; an enemy intent on death and destruction.

Just as the world today isn’t a safe and easy place, the Garden of Eden wasn’t, either. It demanded a protector; a skilled warrior who would tame the wild and protect its inhabitants.

And just as the First Adam lost his way and broke relationship with his Creator, many of us have done the same. We’ve lost sight of who God created us to be because we’ve trusted the wrong voices. We stopped believing God’s promise that He would always be with us and started believing that we weren’t enough.

And when we stopped engaging with the world around us, it suffered.

Fortunately, the Last Adam brought restoration to the world. Jesus came to renew our relationship with God and to redeem our lives. God’s redemption plan restored the human soul and recaptured all that Adam first gave away.

In short, you are exactly what the world around you needs.

God created you to conquer the wilderness; to protect the people around you; to enjoy adventure. He designed you to confront challenges and to tackle struggles, and to serve His people and accomplish His purposes.

The men of Junto Tribe understand what it means to break faith with your Creator and lose your way. But we also understand the redeeming work that Jesus came to do.

Instead of believing the enemy’s lies, we’re listening for God’s truth. We’re modeling our own lives according to God’s design for manhood, and we’re sharing what we’ve learned with the men around us so they can share it with their own circles of influence.

God’s men desperately need this message because the people of the world desperately need God’s men.

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God loved us enough to sacrifice His Son on our behalf. Let’s love our fellow man enough to remind him of it.


Image by Bhakti Iyata from Pixabay