Your Legacy As a Father Extends Far Beyond Your Children

No matter how valuable you are in your job, it isn’t the most important work you’ll ever do. Though your company no doubt appreciates your contributions, your organization will eventually forget you when you leave.

None of us are irreplaceable. Except in our role as fathers.

One Sunday morning as my family climbed out of our truck in the church parking lot, my daughter held her arms up to me expecting me to pick her up. When I did, she wrapped her arms around me and told me I was her hero.

Without moments like this, many of us fail to understand the elevated position we hold in the minds of our kids.

We will impact our children in lasting ways, whether we give them our very best or less than our best. Our legacy will shape our children and our children’s children, which means we shoulder a powerful responsibility.

We are their strength when they don’t have strength. Their guides in a world that seeks to destroy them. Their nurturers, providers, and comforters. The love of their lives.

We must stand strong at the threshold and fight with endurance and determination to serve them and give them the best chance of succeeding in this big, unpredictable world. We are their protectors and defenders.

These children are not our own. They are God’s children, born in His image and loved deeply by Him. They have been given life for a reason and purpose, and we have a responsibility to help them discover it. The decisions we make today will impact future generations.

It sounds simple, but the tension in our lives results from trying to find balance in a world that pulls us in dozens of directions.

We must prioritize our work outside of home because it allows us to provide for our families, but not to the extent that we sacrifice our family’s well-being. Even after a long day of work when we have nothing left to give, we have to be present for our children.

The men of Junto Tribe are seeking to fulfill God’s challenge for us as fathers. We understand that it will never be easy but it’s the most important responsibility we’ll ever have.

We’d love for you to join us on the journey.

Begin by evaluating your own calendar. If it’s true that our time reflects where our priorities lie, do your kids enjoy a portion of your time each day?

We will shape the future one way or another: either because we led well or because we abdicated our role as leaders in our families.

“One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works.”

Psalm 145:4-5

What are you doing today to prepare your children for life?