Men, Self-Mastery, & Renewed Focus for the New Year

Tomorrow marks a natural reset opportunity.

Powered by hope and optimism, many of us will launch into a new year determined to be better than we were last year.

But better at what? And why does it matter?

When I speak to groups of military guys, firefighters, community leaders, and business owners/operators -- primarily Type A personalities -- I love to ask a single question:

Who in this room doesn’t want to perform at an optimized level?

They usually laugh at me when I ask.

Maybe it’s because their safety often relies on self-mastery. Or maybe it’s because they inherently understand how their own performance impacts the people around them. Perhaps it’s simply their relentless drive that initially drew them to these positions in the first place.

Working with them has taught me that when we understand what we’re preparing for, our motivation changes. When I discovered my own desire to help my community achieve self-mastery, it clarified everything I do.

Because I understand my goal of guiding people to their own purposes, I approach interruptions differently. I use my resources differently. I manage my time differently.

I also respond to insecurity differently because I understand what God created me to do. I remind myself that He provides the resources and the ability to carry out what He has asked us to do.

The men of Junto Tribe believe that we share a mission to carry out God’s will on earth.

We are called to love people and bear good fruit. As men, that means we should father, lead, serve, and protect. We must help others discover their own identity in Christ.

Everything we do in life – whether it’s raising a family, leading a team, doing chores, playing sports, or creating a solution to a problem – should be aligned with this mission.

Beyond that, though, we each have a mission that is uniquely ours. Within His call to love others, each of us has a unique and essential part to play in that mission, and understanding our part is critical for navigating choices in our daily lives.

It will change how we approach life and how we invest our time. It will force us to reset our priorities and revisit our commitments.

The men of Junto Tribe will use the new year to seek God’s specific purposes. We will pray, ask the Holy Spirit for insight, and talk to spiritual mentors so we can discover God’s specific purpose for our lives.  

We’d love for you to join us on this journey.

Understanding our purpose changes our motivations. Achieving self-mastery impacts the people around us.

Who will benefit when you discover God’s purpose for your life?