People Are Watching to See What You Do

Someone is watching you.

 Someone at work. Someone at home. Someone at church. Someone in your community.

The people around you are watching to see what you do.

As a man who loves Jesus, you’ve been tasked by God to lead His people. You’re making choices that impact the people around you every day, and you’re shaping those who come in contact with you.

 You’re called to bring Heaven to earth and to love God and love people. You’re called to build a legacy that will survive your time on earth. You’re called to surrender your life to Jesus and lead people to Him.  

 You have a God-given identity that you’re perfectly suited to achieve. While your identity may resemble other men’s identities, you have a unique circle of influence that no one else has.

Many men, for example, are called to be fathers and husbands, but they will impact different people by their efforts. Our missions are the same, though our jobs might be different.

We are to reveal the Father to the people around us and unify those same people.

Junto Tribe seeks to build groups of men who will encourage each other and hold one another accountable to the mission God has called them to.

We’re striving to rediscover the 7 characteristics that God created us to embody.

 1.     Disciple

2.     Servant

3.     Warrior

4.     Scholar

5.     Explorer

6.     Craftsman

7.     Leader

We’re working to become a generation of men who will do the work Jesus asked us to do: to go forth.

Will you join us on this journey?




Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash