Rejection, Baggage, and God's Mission For Our Lives

God chose Saul to be the king of his people. 

When the Israelites grew fearful of the nations that threatened them with war, they asked Samuel for a king to protect and lead them. Although God warned them of the things that a king would do to them, the people insisted. 

The Israelites rejected their God in exchange for a king because they wanted to be like other nations.  

God granted their desire and chose Saul to be king. But when Samuel called the people together to introduce Saul in 1 Sam 10:22, he was discovered hiding from the task God had called him to. He was literally hiding among baggage. 

In that moment, Saul was a sheep. Fear overcame him and drove him to hide from his responsibility.  

Then, when Goliath, the giant, taunted the army of God, Saul should have been the one to fight him. Instead, he acted like a sheep and sent 16-year-old David to the battlefield while he hid behind his troops. 

David, acting as a sheepdog, defeated Goliath by operating in God’s strength. When the people praised David’s success, Saul became jealous.  

Saul slipped into wolf-like behavior, hatching multiple plans to kill David.

In still other moments, Saul was the classic sheepdog. When the Ammonites threatened the town of Jabesh Gilead, Saul sent his men to slaughter the enemy. 

So what makes the difference? Why did Saul slip so easily between sheepdog, sheep, and wolf?

When Saul accepted God’s direction, he protected and cared for his people, and he led them well. When Saul stopped seeking God’s direction, he lost his sheepdog tendencies; he alternated between sheep and wolf. 

Just like the First Adam, when Saul lost his connection to God, he ignored his responsibility for defending and fathering a nation.

The same danger exists for men today.

God sometimes finds us hiding among baggage, avoiding the plan He has for us. When we miss out on God’s plan, we sometimes wrestle with anger and jealousy. 

When we disconnect from God and His mission for our lives, the people around us suffer. 

When we accept the responsibility He has designed us for, the people around us thrive. 

The men of Junto Tribe have spent our fair share of time disconnected from God, and we’re striving to do better every day. We’re seeking God, embracing our mission, and serving people.  

No matter what your history looks like, today can be the day you embrace God’s mission.

·     Ask God to forgive you for the times you lost sight of Him.

·     Forgive yourself for the times you lost sight of God.

·     Pray that God will help you understand the plans He has for you.

 What kind of baggage are you hiding behind?