Success, Trust, & Why Men Must Overcome Their Fear

“What are you scared of?” I asked myself.

I had been struggling with my life’s direction for quite some time, and my uncertainty was turning to despair.

Because I’ve always been a fighter, I dug deeper. I asked God for guidance. I read books, asked questions, and prayed, and I eventually realized I was struggling with fear.

But it wasn’t simply the fear of failure that most people deal with. I had learned over the years that I had to be okay with failing from time to time. I wrestled with it, but I knew it was unavoidable.

What I hadn’t expected was the realization that I feared success even more than failure.

I was scared of my own possibilities for success. I was scared of the power that God had given me in the workplace, community, church, and at home. I didn’t fully trust myself with this power.

I know that might sound like arrogance, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I discovered that the issue of not trusting myself was rooted in the much bigger problem of not trusting God. Not trusting that He is, in fact, living inside me and craving to partner with me and co-labor with me.

I didn’t really believe that I was “faithfully and wonderfully made.” As a result, everything I did was conflicted with inner anxiety, doubt, and insecurity.

Perhaps you can relate.

Psychologists suggest that procrastination at key moments stems from a fear of success. Because we fear the tremendous change that often comes with success, we do just enough to earn the respect of the people around us without fully committing ourselves to the effort.

·      Do you struggle with the fear of success?

·      Do you set limits on yourself beyond what God has set for you?

·      Are you afraid of the power God has given you?

Success is your destiny. It’s mine, too.

God has given each of us unique strengths, passions, resources, and abilities to fulfill our purposes on earth. We are here to contribute and thrive.

Recognizing the root of my issue started me on the path to freedom. Though I still struggle, sometimes daily, with the fear of success, I see it for what it is now.

I have found strategies for remembering who I am and reminding myself to trust in God. As a result, I’ve been freed up to move forward with the things He has put in my heart with passion and momentum.

The men of Junto Tribe recognize that fear is the weapon of the enemy. The enemy wants to keep you back in the corner and out of the game. He knows there is power in you, and he will work with great endurance to keep you from believing in your God-given strength.

We recognize that we are servants of the Most High God, and that means that we are called to represent Him to the world. We do that by letting our light shine brightly for all to see.

Join us on our journey. Let’s stop listening to the intimidating voice of the one who fears our power and listen to the powerful voice of the One who has called and equipped us to succeed in life beyond our dreams—for our good and His glory.