Why Abandoning The Battlefield Is Far Worse Than Losing The Fight

People are counting on us.

Our families need our leadership, but we’re so lost in busyness, video games, hobbies, and dangerous addictions that we aren’t accessible to them.

Society needs our innovation and our craftsmanship, but we’ve stopped creating.  

The world needs our inspiration, but we’ve tucked ourselves safely into pecking orders that render us ineffective.

We long to feel like warriors, but we’ve lost our connection to our hearts. Along the way, we’ve become something we were never intended to be.

Ironically, in the midst of it all, the very war that God created us to wage continues, but we’ve removed ourselves from the fight. The prince of this world is waging a war for the hearts of the people around us, and we’re giving up ground daily. We’re walking away from our marriages, abandoning our children, destroying our health, and wasting the very gifts that the world needs most. 

The enemy stands on the threshold of his greatest feat: convincing us that we are incapable and worthless.

The battle isn’t ours alone.

 While we are absolutely soldiers fighting a war, we often feel ill-equipped for battle because we’ve forgotten who’s in charge. We’ve lost touch with our general, who has a battle plan and an all-knowing set of instructions. 

He designed us for this exact battle, on this exact battleground, and it is our duty to stand and defend. 

We are called to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to our Creator. 

That begins when we surrender our earthly agendas to Him. It starts when we recognize that the world’s values are often the polar opposite of God’s values and we adjust our priorities to acknowledge that fact.

It begins when we stop seeking our identity in the world and instead seek to know who God says that we are. And when we make his authority the center of our lives. 

Most of us are on the wrong side of this struggle. Although we may fool ourselves into believing we’re innocent bystanders, the reality is that we’re either on one side or the other. 

We’re in the middle of the battleground, between two warring factions. We are neither incapable nor worthless. We also aren’t neutral, and we should stop trying to convince ourselves that we are

At some point in our lives, each of us picked sides: we’re either living lives of adventure or lives of obligation. 

The enemy continues to advance. Each of us must decide how much ground we’ll give up.

“If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.”

~Neil Peart






Photo by https://pixabay.com/en/knight-warrior-horse-soldier-war-2565957/