Why You're Exactly the Right Man For God's Rescue Mission

You are writing history today. 

The choices you make today will impact other people and spawn other decisions. The people you interact with today will respond to your influence. 

It was true of Adam in the Garden of Eden, too.

God gave him dominion over everything. He gave Adam a woman to love and work to do. 

Adam was charged with caring for God’s creation.

Something went wrong, though. Somewhere along the way, Adam listened to the wrong voice. When the enemy questioned God, Adam failed to trust what he knew to be true about Him.

The fallout, of course, was sin. Sin that is devastating and far-reaching; sin that took Adam from thriving to struggling; sin that does the same to each of us.

But Jesus had an answer to it. He came to earth and lived the life that the first Adam was intended to live. The Son of God lived a perfect, sin-free life, and then died on the cross in our place. 

Where Adam gave away the keys to the Kingdom, Jesus took them back. 

He took them back so we could resume the work that God put us here to do: to reign, rule, create, and thrive. 

We are to care for His creation and love His people, just as Jesus did while he was here.

But the similarities don’t stop there. While Jesus was here, he spent his ministry guarding against the enemy’s voice. When that voice came, Jesus didn’t argue or debate. He simply quoted his Father’s words, which meant he constantly listened for his Father’s voice.

Many of the men I encounter fear they are missing their life’s purpose, and I believe it’s because they don’t understand who they truly are. It was true for me at one point, and it may be true for you today.

Perhaps you don’t understand that He designed you to love and to lead.

God designed you for a life of high performance. 

We fail to believe it because, like Moses, we believe God chose the wrong guy. We cling so tightly to our own beliefs about ourselves that we doubt what God says

Moses made the same mistake Adam made, but God doesn’t reprimand him for it. Instead, He promises to be with Moses and to show him what is true.

Like Moses, God has called each of us to a rescue mission as well. He has called us to bring heaven to earth and light to darkness. 

Before we can succeed, though, we must identify the incorrect beliefs we’re clinging to. We must learn to distinguish the world’s voices from the Father’s voice, and we have to correct the doubts and fears we’ve embraced.

When we do, we’ll recognize our role in God’s restoration. He’s reclaiming all that was lost to sin, and He has designed a specific role for each of us. 

We will carry out the same mission Jesus did while he was here: to share God with the people we encounter. 

Ask God to reveal the lies you’ve believed. Ask Him to correct the doubts and fears that have prevented you from thriving.

Ask God to show you the adventure He has designed for you, and then trust Him to walk alongside you.

He has made us a promise: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

His spirit is with us and in us, and He will use us to change the world. 

What will your history look like?



Photo from Pablo.