Your Unique Passions and Talents Should Incite Fear in the Enemy, Not In You

The world speaks often of passion.

We’re convinced that, when we find it, we’ll find happiness and fulfillment. And that’s partly true.

The other vital part of the equation is God because, without Him, we’ll never truly understand our talents, gifts, and passions. 

Jesus explains exactly how we should use them in the Parable of the Talents. When a master leaves “talents of money” to each of his three servants, two of them put the money to work and double what they started with. One servant hid his master’s money so that he ended with as much as he started with. 

The master demanded that the talent be taken from him and given to the others. 

“…’You wicked, lazy should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.  Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.”

Matt 25:26-29

 God has loaned every person passions, gifts, talents, and resources; they aren’t ours to do with as we please. 

We are to use our gifts and passions to make a big deal out of God. When we steward our resources well, we’ll glorify God and we’ll make the world better. 

Though our gifts and talents are different, our mission is the same: to bring light to the darkness.

We must recognize, however, that the enemy wants to extinguish our lights. The enemy wants to keep us from making a big deal out of God, and he does it by convincing us that the world’s need is far greater than anything we can accomplish. He distracts us with insignificant things, and he convinces us to fear the talents we possess.

The enemy knows that our talents and our passions are the beginning of our legacy. When we give ourselves and our talents back to God, we’re creating a legacy that extends well beyond our own lives. 

Practically speaking, you have abilities that are unique to you, as well as a circle of influence that others don’t share. When you engage your talents to help the people around you, you’re bringing light to darkness. You’re sharing God with other people in a way that changes lives forever. 

The men of Junto Tribe are just like you: men seeking to discover their gifts and to use them to glorify God. The more of us that travel together along this path, the more likely we are to create a groundswell of energy capable of changing the world. 

Join us on this journey. 

We are a brotherhood of warriors created to serve alongside each other in the name of God. We aren’t perfect, and we aren’t fearless, but we take our orders from the One who is. 

The Creator of the universe has given us gifts. It’s up to us to decide how we’ll use them. 



Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash