Man is a special creation designed for a purpose and blessed with an amazing ability to grow and adapt.  The Junto Tribe Ministry exists to inspire men to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.  We value the hope of achieving complete personal maturity for all men and pray that all are able to finish the mission they’ve been given by God, our Designer, Creator and our Supreme Authority.  Our mission is to help men discover themselves at a deeper level in Jesus, the world’s only Authentic Man, find fulfillment in life, realize their full potential, and discover ways to go forth into the world in order to pay that forward to their families, relationships, communities, workplaces, and churches. 


We use our platform that has been given to us by God to minister to men that are searching for their true identity – an identity that can only be found in the Supreme Authority of the universe.  We speak through books, blogs, speaking engagements, and on-line videos. We have also created an environment at our campfire meetings that encourages discussion, thought, and fellowship with our Lord.  Men all over the world are also using their own Junto Tribes in their own towns to grow themselves and one another spiritually.


We incorporate all these tools together to give men of all backgrounds a venue to learn more about our God, ourselves, and the world we live in.  We give men the tools to strengthen their inner light, given to them by Jesus for the rest of the world to see.