A Radical Idea for Weary Men on Father’s Day

Fatherhood matters.

No one realizes that more than men who grew up without fathers, or men who lived with less-than-perfect fathers. (Hint: that’s all of us.)

Your experience with your earthly father no doubt shaped the man you are today.  If your relationship with your dad was a difficult one, you may still bear the scars of bitterness and hurt. 

Your imperfect father may have left you with more questions about fatherhood than answers about fatherhood. 

If you have kids of your own, that may translate to struggles in your own family, because it’s hard to give something that you don’t have. How are you supposed to be a father when you don’t know what that looks like?

The problem, too, is that our relationship with our earthly fathers shapes our idea of who God is. Many of us believe that God is a distant Father who loves us when we perform well, and who is often disappointed when we fail. 

It’s a faulty paradigm that God never intended for us.

As a result, we continue to believe that our performance in life determines our value. We believe that if we work hard enough, we’ll earn the approval of the people around us. 

Deep inside, we know the truth: we’re weary from working so hard, and discouraged that we have little to show for it.

What if today, on this day to honor fathers, we started something radical? 

What if today, we started with the small step of suspending our disbelief?

What if we simply entertained the belief that we have a Father who loves us unconditionally?

What if we asked God to begin shaping us as fathers?

What if those of us who have no children of our own asked Him to lead us to those who need fathers?

The men of Junto Tribe believe we were created for a mission much greater than we can understand. We believe our Creator’s wisdom and instruction reveal our purposes, and we must walk with Him to discover it.

We believe that, as we walk with Him, we find our true identity. Then, as we experience His reckless love, we learn to love our families recklessly, too. Every place we travel, every person we encounter experiences the reckless love of God because we experienced it first and shared it with others. 

What if, on this day to honor fathers, you gave yourself the gift of rest from striving?

It’s a gift that will change your life, and it will change the lives of the people around you, starting with your family.


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Content by Keith Pace, Junto Tribe